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Event Staffing

Considering that Natural Talent is comprised of all performers, it’s a no brainer that we thrive on events. We partner with some of the top marketing agencies to produce some of the most memorable experiences throughout the year.


Models. Caroling singers. Cosplay. Choreographed Flash Mobs.


You have the creative concept and we provide the creative talent.


All requests are celebrated.


Partnership with The Gathery

Here we are bringing in the holiday cheer right in the center of The Oculus. With a caroling quartet, lip syncing wooden soldier, and team of shopping assistants, we had a blast spreading awareness of Kohl's and Pop Sugar's hottest holiday items.

Photographer: Ryan Kobane of Kobanephoto

Partnership with Cindy Riccio Communications

Here we are giving out Simply Protein snack bars on a beautiful Sunday morning in Central Park. We even did some impromptu photo and video shoots to create content in support of Simply Protein's debut into the NYC market! 

Photographer: Marissa Rae Roberts

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